The #metoo version of "Baby It's Cold Outside?" It exists.

As debate rages on over the original, there's a "consent-driven" alternative

December 3, 2018
Cold Outside

Mike De Sisti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / USA Today Image

There's been MUCH social media banter about a Cleveland radio station announcing they were going to shelve "Baby, It's Cold Outside" from it's annual "all Christmas" playlist. I find this all kind of funny because, who among us, was passionate about this song one way or the other, right? I mean, it's not even a "Christmas song," per se. If anything, it's a cheeky mid-1940s ballad about a premarital "hook up," at the VERY least. 

So there's actually a "me too" movement version out, ya know. Perhaps after all the Bill Cosby allegations came to light, lyrics like "Say, what's in this drink" didn't age too well for some. I get it. So while the debate rages on, let's revisit 2016, when Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemar penned a "consent-centric" redux. Listen: 

For comparison's sake, the original performance came from the musical "Neptune's Daughter," in 1949. The "Say, wht's in this drink?" lyric was actually sung by a male then - actor/comedian Red Skelton. Watch: