Mark Ronson drops a new track and vid with Miley Cyrus! Got it here ...

Needless to say, the video's KINDA racy.

November 29, 2018
Miley Cyrus


There's so much to unwrap with the song AND the video. Where to start?

First, the song ... it's Cyrus' first track in more than a year. "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" has this "KIll Bill" country/disco vibe going for it. Mark Ronsons told the BBC he went with that to match Miley's "twang." Which makes TOTAL sense. Now about this video, which dropped at 7pm tonight (midnight in Ronson's timezone in Britain) ...

We got everything from a low-speed (O.J. Simpson style?) police chase to a slow ride through a strip club (because why?) to Miley opting not to drive the car she was in (and spoiler alert: that didn't end well) and of COURSE, a shot of her derriere. She's just beingMiley.

Anyhow, watch the video & listen to the track, then tell us what YOU think!