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'Lovelytheband' offers their own 'lovelythebeer'

Brooklyn, NY Brewery canning a beer that ROCKS

April 2, 2019

It's been QUITE the run for the Los Angeles-based indie/pop band, 'lovelytheband,' still enjoying radio chart success with their breakout 2018 hit "Broken." So how do they know they've "arrived?"

It COULD be the moment a Brooklyn, New York-based brewery (and wood-fired pizza restaurant, too) started canning "lovethebeer." 

The band recently performed an acoustic set at the Brooklyn pizza/brewery, and while there, were introduced to their "strawberry sour" flavored canned brew. Problem is, there's a limited supply, so if you have any New York metro friends, hit 'em up for a trip to Brooklyn to snag you a can (or case) before they're gone.