(Photo Credit: Spencer Platt / Staff)

How can YOU help those affected by Hurricane Florence?

Here are a few ways to help right after the storm...

September 12, 2018

Your first reaction when a storm of this magnitude hits our state, neighboring state, or anywhere in the country, maybe to run out and buy a case of water to donate. Or even to rummage through your attic or garage and find some things to donate.

Slow down.

While the affected people may very well end up needing something like that, a lot of assessment needs to be done first. It will take a day, or two, at least to determine where the major issues will be and what will be needed.

It's best in these times to turn to the professionals that do this all day every day. 

The American Red Cross, chief among them, needs your donations in the form of money. Our friends and connections at the Red Cross tell us that they can buy items in bulk for those in need and get MUCH more bang for the buck than you or I can.

You can donate here to make sure your donation goes directly to the efforts directed in the wake of Florence. You can also choose other places you'd like your donation to go if you so choose.

Habitat For Humanity is also watching the situation very closely for potential devastation. They could also use your donations. They will help with the most underfunded aspect of disaster recovery, the long-term recovery of disaster-stricken communities.

As blood drives, food drives, water drives, clothing drives, and fundraisers are scheduled we will keep you up to date here.