Georgia considers moving back to school date to after Labor Day!

What are your thoughts? This good or bad?

September 5, 2018

State lawmakers in Georgia are considering making a change to the school year calendar that would affect every student and parent in Georiga.

They are considering moving the start of the school year to AFTER Labor Day.

That is a full month later than it started this year in almost every school district.

Teachers are speaking out on this issue, many with the view that they will simply not have time to get the kids ready for standardized testing if this is done.

Some parents are speaking out about having to find more childcare if this happens, and the costs that come along with it.

But many parents are looking at this as an opportunity to spend more time with their children. An opportunity to schedule another vacation or two and get away as a family.

Personally, I have two young children and I would love the chance to travel one or two more times with them. And the city we live in, Roswell, has amazing camps in the Summer for kids, and I imagine they would extend those to cover this new time period and my son and daughter could take advantage of those.

Where do you stand on this?