COOL VIDEO: What kind of storm surge will our coastal friends be dealing with from Hurricane Florence?

Very cool animation showing storm surge!

September 13, 2018

(Photo Credit: Mario Tama / Staff)


Storm surge is one of the most deadly parts of a Hurricane.

As little as two feet of water can lift and move automobiles down the street like battering rams. Enhancing the level of destruction well beyond what the water alone would have done.

As well as the long-term damage that just the water can do to building materials.

But many of our friends along the coast are going to be dealing with a storm surge of over 9 ft.

That's one story of a building, underwater. And that water is moving. It contains all manner of debris, including cars, trucks, furniture, signs, trash and anyone unlucky enough to be caught in its path.

Check out this video from The Weather Channel. Very cool 3-D animation showing storm surge at various heights and what it can do.


This is why it's incredibly important to evacuate flood-prone areas when this much water is in the forecast.