(Photo Credit: © Ken Ruinard/Independent Mail)

Atlanta and North Georgia Prepare For Hurricane Florence Evacuees

Evacuees Flow Into North Georgia...

September 12, 2018

As evacuees flow west, escaping the impending disaster that is sure to be wrought by Hurricane Florence, Atlanta, and the surrounding North Georgia communities are welcoming them into motels, hotels, spare rooms and campgrounds.

Many motels and hotels are nearing capacity, and Georgians are taking to social media once again to let displaced families know that there is a place to stay should they need one.

The closed Facebook group "Hurricane Florence Lodging For Evacuees" already has over 3,331 members and is growing. The description of the group says, "Group for evacuees looking for places to stay & those offering lodging. No price gouging! Free or reasonable cost offers and links to available hotels, etc."

Similar groups opened up around Atlanta during Snowpacolypse and helped many stranded drivers find a safe place to stay for the night.

Both churches and mosques are opening their doors to evacuees as well. With almost all churches and mosques being large open spaces, they can accommodate a large number of people.

The Atlanta Motor Speedway, located about 25 miles south of Atlanta, has opened their campgrounds to evacuees free of charge for "dry RV" and tent campers. They are equipped to handle thousands of evacuees.

If you have space to offer for temporary lodging, join that FB group and let evacuees know.