Let's Talk About Death... And Facebook.

It's a morbid subject, but not many people even know this!

July 20, 2017

Do you have a "legacy contact" for your Facebook account?

We didn't think so. Most people don't. In fact, we asked 12 people in our office and none of them have a legacy contact.

Not one single person.

But this is kind of important. With most everything we do in our lives shared on Facebook, added to Photo Albums, broadcast over Facebook Live, etc, someone needs to handle wrapping that all up once we pass away. Granted, it's not as important as your will, but seriously, someone will need access to your account to make final postings on your behalf and pin them to the top (you can even leave instructions for this in your will), provide information about your memorial service, respond to new friend requests (for people looking for that information) and update your Profile picture and Cover photo.

Your legacy contact can also help memorialize you. They can download a copy of everything you've shared on Facebook and order photo books, etc.

There are a couple of things that your legacy contact cannot do, for those of you worried about your privacy.

Your legacy contact cannot log in to your account. They cannot remove or change past posts, photos and other things you've shared on your Timeline. They cannot read your messages. This is was a big one for everyone we talked to. And they cannot remove any of your friends. 

I know, it's morbid to think about and no one ever wants to do it. But we have to. Just think about the special people in your life and who you think would make a good legacy contact for you and your Facebook account. Let that person know, of course, and add them using the instructions found at the link below.

If any of this peaks your interest you can learn more about the whole "memorialization" process and learn how to add a legacy contact to your Facebook account here.