Kelly Cheese Blogs

Is Kelly Cheese in LOVE?!

Kelly Cheese is blowing everybody's mind right now, and I'll bet it feels pretty strange for her too but she's falling for someone and she's falling hard! He's in her profile picture, people. This is serious. Read More

Go Atlanta United, Go!

Kelly Cheese is here with all the info you need about Atlanta's biggest event this weekend: The Atlanta United game! Spoiler Alert: we kicked butt. Read More

Kelly's Dumpster Fire Conclusion

Kelly had to break up with an old best friend, and she finally shares her attempt and what ended up happening after. We need help writing a reply text! Obviously the best way is to just ask people to write it for us, right? Read More

Kelly's Dumpster Fire

Kelly's in a bit of a sticky situation, one that could get messy real fast. What do y'all think? Does she get a pass just because she's a bride-to-be? Read More

Why Do We Rewatch Entire Show Seasons?

When Jeff's wife Callie told him she's rewatched the entire Gossip Girl series a few times he couldn't understand why anyone would rewatch entire series they've already seen. Why Do We Rewatch Entire Show Series? Read More