You know you're from Atlanta when...

Did we miss anything?

June 12, 2019
Atlanta skyline

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So I'm back here in Atlanta after leaving way back in 2005. I love it here. Obviously it has changed A LOT so I wanted to put a new list out into the universe about life here in our great city!

Many of these were submitted by our listeners, and some by members of our own Star 94.1 family! Please definitely send me any suggestions you may have to add to it or help make it more original and I will update this post! These are some of the ways you know you're from the ATL!

  • You know an outsider when they call it "Hotlanta" or pronounce it "AtlanTa." We say "Atlanna."
  • You have been a part of or witnessed a fight between someone from ITP calling out someone from OTP for not "really being from Atlanta."
  • You've seen your car magically change colors during pollen season.
  • You are keenly aware of how bad traffic can be, but also get annoyed when it's the first thing people mention when you bring up Atlanta.
  • You know life is better scattered, smothered, and covered.
  • You know who Blondie from The Clermont Lounge is.
  • Blondie from The Clermont Lounge knows who you are!
  • You've experinced all 4 seasons...all in one week!
  • You have been stuck in standstill traffic because of half an inch of snow.
  • You have given or received directions that include "take a _____ at The Big Chicken.
  • You know to get to the airport 2 hours in advance for any flight.
  • You know what the Plane Train is.
  • "Y'all" is a noun.
  • You know "dog" is really spelled "dawg."
  • Your neighborhood's Kroger has a nickname.