Hanging out with your BFF twice a week can improve your health

It's science! Here's the proof

June 14, 2019

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Here's a reason to dicth your man and hang with your girls tonight... it's good for you!

The University Of Oxford did a study (so you know it's official) and the results showed that hanging out with your besties twice a week is good for both your physical and emotional health!

As a matter of fact, the study showed that women that had larger friend groups and hung with them at least twice a week are less likely to suffer from illness, the recover quicker from surgery, and are less likely to die.

Your man doesn't want you to DIE does he?? Then he should totally understand your new "mandatory happy hours" a few times a week. For health!

To put a fine point on it (and to give you something to quote) Oxford professor of evolutionary psychology, Dr. Robin Dunbar says "having a large, well-integrated social network has a significant impact on physical and emotional health." She has the title "Dr." before her name, ok??

Live long and have fun!!