Jenn Hobby Blogs

Jenn's Nanny's Wedding Dumpster Fire

We didn't think we'd get a worse wedding Dumpster Fire story, but we were so wrong. This mom was a little too upset that he little baby was moving on, and the story will leave your jaw on the floor. Read More

Jenn's Story Behind The Picture

The Jeff and Jenn Show is trying something new. We're going to give you the backstory to all those pictures you see on social media, and Jenn's up first! Her #StoryBehindThePic is one for the ages, a story full of excitement and drama. Read More

How To Leave Your...Hairdresser?

Jenn's friend wants to move on from her current hairdresser, but she's told her a lot of personal stuff. What if she spills her secrets? It turns out that Jenn's friend isn't the first person to have this dilemma. Callers weigh in... Read More

All The Feels: Dr. Olson and Reese's MaGIC Fund Edition

We are so grateful for everything Dr. Olson has done for Jenn Hobby's daughter, her family, and everyone else he's ever helped. Thank you to the entire team at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta who work so hard every single day to help those who suffer. Watch the entire interview below OR listen at... Read More

An Update on Sweet Baby Reese

Jenn's back from her day at the hospital, and she's got some great news about Reese. Not without its own struggles, of course, but Jenn's here to catch us up on the good, the bad, and the barfey. Read More

#ParentingForReal: Escaping the Kids Edition

#ParentingForReal started when Jenn realized there's way too many perfect pictures and stories on the internet that make parenting look easy, but she knows the real deal and she wants to hear the real stuff. This week we focused on all the funny and clever ways parents find alone time. Read More

Jenn's Message on Cyberbullying

Someone awful from Jenn's past resurfaced this past week, and Jenn's here to say no more. She knows bullying and cyber-bullying can happen to anybody, kids, teenagers, and adults alike, and that the results can be truly damaging. We hope anyone struggling with trying to understand what bullying is... Read More
Jenn's Birthday

It's Jenn's Birthday!

Today is Jenn Hobby's Big Deal Birthday!! And we're celebrating like no other. We've got surprise callers and visitors to the studio, and of course Jenn's original Birthday Song. Check it out! Her brother Matt called in too, these family stories are hilarious . Jenn was a crafty teen! Read More

Jenn's Gift

Jenn's got a gift! If you tell her the shoes you're wearing and the name of your pet she'll know exactly how long it takes you to get ready. And she's scary good at it! Jenn's Gift: Part 1 Will she ever be wrong? What is this sorcery?! Jenn's Gift: Part 2 We were supposed to stop after 2... Read More