Are Mark's Halloween decorations too scary?

An anonymous letter appeared in his mailbox...

October 29, 2019

Mark recently moved in to an older neighborhood in Smyrna, and recently put up his Halloween decorations. A short time afrter his decorations were up, Mark recieved the following letter:

Mr. Owens, 

Welcome to Smyrna, we are excited to have you and your family in our beautiful neighborhood. We appreciate your dedication to Halloween but please be sensitive to other families who may not celebrate with the same excitement as you. 

We respectfully request that you tone down your outside decorations as they may frighten smaller children.

Thank you and happy Halloween

Mark Owens/
Mark Owens/
Mark Owens/

This letter was not signed, as the sender looks like they don't want to approach the issue face to face. After looking at the decorations, how do you feel? Is Mark's neighbor out of line, or is Mark?


We enlisted the friends to sound out about this, and did they ever...