THE SUGAR FIX With Dr. Darria

Mark's week 5 update and questions for Dr. Darria

November 19, 2019

 Consult your physician before making any heatlth or diet changes.

Mark's Journal:

I have struggled with my weight since I was in a kid. I would lose weight, but put it back, lose it again, but put it back, plus more. As I get older, keeping weight off is next to impossible, but it's time for me to stop being selfish and take care of my health. Not just for me, but now for my wife and daughter. With the help of Dr. Darria, I am embarking on the SUGAR FIX challenge. My goal is to overcome my sugar addiction and get healthy. This won't be easy, but we can do it. Follow along on this journey and feel free to reach out to Dr. Darria with any health questions you have. ​- Mark

Dr. Darria Gillespie -

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Week 1:

The first few days Dr. Darria has me recognizing the obvious sugars we interact with daily. Stuff life donuts, candy, soda and my crutch, energy drinks. Monday night I also went shopping. Lots of tuna fish, Greek yogurt, veggies, chicken and cottage cheese. Dr. Darria reminded me that this is not a cold turkey addiction fix, but a gradual improvement to my diet. It's only been a few days, but I am excited about looking forward to getting healthier for not just me, but my family. 

Week 1 recap, on to week 2!

Week 1 of the Sugar Fix is in the books. Dr. Darria had me find and eliminate all the obvious sugar in my life, which was not as hard as anticipated. You see the candy, sugar cereal, donuts and know they are bad, the challenge is not eating them. I think I did pretty good and even did a “pantry purge” where I trashed all the sugary crap in our pantry. Our daughter Caroline is 6, so we will have some type of junk food in the house at all times. For me, the challenge will be to keep my fat fingers off of it.

The biggest challenge so far has been drinking. Friday night at the Mexican Restaurant I had a big, beautiful margarita. I knew it was not good for me, but my craving beat my brain. I can’t lie, it was good, but I felt guilty. Also over the weekend, I had a few cold ones while watching football. Dr. Darria says you can have a drink or 2, but not go overboard and mix in more water. The good news is that I’m getting a good bladder cleanse.

Week 2 has me continuing to stay away from the obvious sugars, but also changing my overall diet. Dr. Darria doesn’t have me eating dry chicken and kale, I can eat and eat great food, but I have to be aware of how much sugar is in the everyday food we eat. I have added more tuna, chicken, fruit and salads back into my everyday meals. I have to remind myself that this is not a “no carb, fat free” diet, we are just eliminating sugar.

Halloween week will be tough. We are about to be overrun with temptation. Wish me luck?!

For more info, email Dr. Darria and good luck!


The last few weeks have had plenty of highs and lows. The biggest high has been the ability to recognize the sugar in my life and avoiding it. Items like Halloween candy, cereal and sauces/dressings. I never realized how easy and readily available sugar is in everything we eat. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not a “no fat, carb free” fix, it’s a SUGAR FIX. We are cutting sugar. However, this doesn’t mean I can have 3 cheeseburgers and fries but consider it a success by cutting the honey mustard.

My biggest low continues to be curbing my drinking. Epically on the weekends out with the family, watching football or grilling out, I like to have a cocktail. Dr. Darria reminds me that you CAN have a drink, but instead of immediately ordering another round, drink a big glass of water. That has been my struggle from the start and to be completely honest, it will always be my crutch. However, I will continue to work on being better with my beverages.

People have asked if I have noticed a difference or any weight loss, and yes I have. My clothes are loose and I’m using a new notch on my belt. However, the sugar fix is not intended to be a huge weight loss diet but more of an opportunity to eat better and eliminate the amount of sweets in your diet. Each person will react differently.

This week I am focusing on the white breads and pasta. I also need to be better at getting to the gym. I would imagine if I could implement more exercise, I would have better results. Dr. Darria made an amazing point this week that “you can’t out exercise a really bad diet”.

Good luck on your Sugar Fix Journey and please keep me updates on your progress! We are in this together!




As I finish my 5-week Dr. Darria Sugar Fix I have some thoughts. First, the addiction is real. I never thought I had an addictive personality, but I really do. For me, sugar is not a typical addiction, it's more of an addictive habit. It took some work, but I think I broke the worst parts of my addiction. Ironically, giving up candy, donuts and sweet cereals was easy. I've always known those are bad for me, so resisting that urge was challenging, but not impossible. The process of giving up the hidden sugars was the real challenge. I never realized how much sugar consumes our food. It’s freaking everywhere. Pasta, rice, beer, enhanced water, energy drinks, mints, it’s in everything we eat. With the help of Dr. Darria I was able to recognize the good and bad sugars and furthermore replace them with a healthier alternative.

 Again, I like to think this was a very successful journey and I 100% believe my diet has been forever changed. I will still struggle with the enjoyment of adult beverages, but Dr. Darria taught me that you can still have a drink, but add in water between rounds. Speaking of water, the Sugar Fix has allowed me to enjoy water more than I have. Maybe it’s because my taste buds have been reset and the little things taste better now. 

I also am convinced the Sugar Fix works. I can feel it in my clothes and my energy. Remember, this is not a no carb, fat free diet, this is the process of eliminating the bad sugars from your life. As always check with your personal Doctor and if this is something you are mentally ready for, then go for it. It’s not easy, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I am forever grateful to Dr. Darria for her guidance and when you are ready, this is something I 100% recommend. 


Good luck and let me know if/how I can help!




Consult your physician before making any heatlth or diet changes.