It's Almost Summer, Remember That Your Car Will Get HOT.

Remember to always check the back seat for children or pets in this hot weather.

May 22, 2019

Here are some apps to help with remember to check!

- Waze has an option where you can set a "Child Reminder" to empty the back seat..

- Kars 4 Kids has a Safety App on Google Play that connects to your cars bluetooth and sets an alarm when you exit the car

- The Backseat App - uses GPS and reminds drivers to check the backseat with a text message

- If you aren't big on Apps - Amazon has the Bee-Alert Alarm you can add to your Childs car seat

- Precious Cargo was created by a Dad and with the App you can customize it with your childs name and when the engine stops a voice reminds you to get your child by name..