Hollywood True or False

Has Hollywood completely run out of new ideas?

July 22, 2019

Play along with us and your friends!


Clue - based of the board game, Ryan Reynolds leads an all-star who done it murder mystery (TRUE - Coming in 2021)

Freddy vs Jason vs Michael Meyers - 3 of the most iconic horror franchises do battle to determine who is the ultimate bad guy (FALSE - however, a new Friday the 13th is in the works)

Robin - DC Universe turns its attention to Batman’s Sidekick starring, Zac Efron (FALSE DC Universe is sticking to the comics where Robin was offed and as of now, they don't plan to bring him back)

Candy Land - Zendaya is transformed into a mystery land of Sugar to find her sister who was swept away in the board game - (FALSE)

Indiana Jones 5 - At almost 80 years old, Harrison Ford is back to cleanse our souls of that Shia LeBouf Crystal Skull Mess (TRUE - Steven Spielberg is also attached)

Doctor Sleep - The long awaited sequel to The classic horror movie, The Shining, starring Ewan McGregor as Danny. (TRUE, Filmed in St. Simons)

Oceans 14 - Sandra Bullock reprises her role as Danny Ocean’s sister to investigate the mysterious death of her brother and take down Mob Boss Lawyer Jason Momoa. Also starring Matt Damon and Brad Pitt (FALSE - Ocean Series is over)

McClane - Yet another Die Hard Movie featuring Bruce Willis - (TRUE, Filming begins next summer)

Pinocchio - After the live action success of Jungle Book and Aladdin, Disney sets their sights on the toy who wants to be a boy.. (TRUE - Disney has run out of ideas)

Goonies 2 - Chunk, Mouth, Data and Mikey are back, but this time, it's their kids who are on the adventure of a lifetime - (False - However - Sean Austin said he is up for a reboot if the script is right)

Gladiator 2 - Sequel to the massive hit from 2000 starring Russel Crowe - (TRUE - No plot announced, but director Ridley Scott is attached)

Hungover Bridesmaids - The crew from The Hangover party with the Bridesmaids in Vegas. Melissa MCarthy, Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifanikas are all attached (FALSE - Kristen Wiig has turned down any thoughts on a Bridesmaids sequel)