Group Therapy: You Have a Baby in a Bar!

March 6, 2020

Do YOU know what the difference between a bar, and a restaurant with a bar is? Families. Seems easy, but apparently some people have trouble distinguishing between the two. 

It is perfectly acceptable take babies and children in to restaurants with bars in them, especially during "normal" dining hours. After all, life does not have to stop just because you have children. 

BUT, metaphorically speaking, your family is like a business and your kids are like your employees meaning THEY HAVE TO BE MANAGED. What annoys the "get that kid away from a bar" crowd isn't their moral compass, it's their patience. No one, including myself, likes to be around loud and disruptive kids while trying to enjoy a night out. And by disruptive I mean the kids that are allowed to run around a restaurant or public setting with reckless abandon with zero accountability held to them. By all means, take your kids out and enjoy your family, because life DOES NOT stop when you have children. Just manage them. 

That makes "the parents that take their kids in to public settings and let them do whatever they want" the parents that I wish that I could set straight. 

What are yours?