Group Therapy: The Gift Card Date

November 1, 2019

Dating these days can be difficult, especially the first date. You have to meet someone, get over the awkwardness of asking the person out, then arrange a date that you will both enjoy.

Then there's the date itself: Drinks, dinner, movie, a night out, and everything seems to go well... then there's no callback? Why? Everything seemed perfect! Both of you had a great time, and you even paid for dinner... with a gift card. 

Wait... surely that's not it, right? Would a person elect not to call someone back after a first date because they paid for the date with a gift card???

Ray just had this happen to him. Ghosted after a first first date that he thought went well. The only thing that Ray could think of to cause this was that he paid for the date with gift cards. Ray reached out to Jenn and Friends in shear disbelief because he thinks that there's no way that someone could be that petty, right? RIGHT?