Everyday Heroes: Saving a Coworkers Life with a Kidney Donation

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August 15, 2019

Two women who work together in a Fayette County school say they now feel like sisters because one is getting a kidney while the other is giving it. 

Crabapple Lane Elem. Assistant Principal Erin Yocom has a rare kidney disease and in desperate need of a transplant, so TA Rebecca Niederfringer came to the rescue and offering up hers. Rebecca said this journey has brought us even closer together. 

Earlier this week, all of Crabapple Elem dressed in green, the official color for organ donors, to show their love for Mrs. Yocom and Mrs. Niederfringer. The campus community is ALSO raising money to help thir families with recovery and downtime.

So to Erin and Rebecca we are sending you good vibes for a successful surgery and to the staff and students at Crabapple Lane Elem. - you are all our everyday hero.