Everyday Heroes: The Georgia Aquarium is Giving Back!

Jenn found today's local good news story!

July 16, 2019

Jenn's Everyday Heroes are the team at Georgia Aquarium! They reached out to me, knowing I am a Mom of a cancer survivor and still closely involved with the families at the Aflac Cancer Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.


Georgia Aquarium donated a big stack of free aquarium passes to kids and families in the midst of their battle again cancer. The Georgia Aquarium knows that experiences with animals brings joy to everyone, especially when you’re going through a tough time. Exploring the under-water world of sea life puts you in awe of these magical creatures and takes your mind off what you’re going through.


With the help of Georgia Aquarium, I was able to deliver some smiles to kids at the Aflac Cancer Center last week, where I am met Kiersten and her Mom Joy. Kiersten is battling osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer in her knee. She’s such a sweet girl, who loves her family and is all about the boy band BTS. Kiersten says, “It’s not easy when you’re on chemo, you get sick easy…. My surgery was real hard. But I mean if I didn’t have this surgery, I probably wouldn’t be here today.” Thank you, Georgia Aquarium! She and her family are so excited to visit when Kiersten gets released from this round of her chemotherapy treatment. Kiersten is especially pumped up to see the dolphin show in the splash zone, the penguins and the whale sharks.


Becca Doobrow, a child life specialist at Children’s, work closely with patient families every day and explains how much donations like this mean to her patients. Becca said, “It gives kids the chance to be kids again. To forget about the worries about having cancer or being in the hospital or feeling different. Getting to go and be themselves and have fun and it’s getting their mind off of being in the hospital.“


Georgia Aquarium, Kiersten, Kiersten’s Mom Joy and Becca, you all are my every day heroes!


If you want to support kids at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta with donations of experiences or toys, reach out HERE.