Everyday Heroes: Gamers For Good Causes

One local gamer's charity efforts got a HUGE surprise from a famous streamer.

October 10, 2019

One famous gamer/streamer, Markiplier, changed the lives of a dozen gamers and countless charities, including one of our listeners right here in Atlanta!

Last week, a famous gamer named Markiplier, who has over 24 million Youtube subscribers, decided to "crash" the streams of other random gamers who were raising money for various charities, and bring his massive following along with. And one of those random gamers was a local gamer and listener, Caity! Caity (Twitch name: Poulshu) has been streaming for charity for a few years now to raise money for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and when Markiplier and his fans crashed her stream, they helped her raise over $13,000 in just ONE night.

To all those fans involved, to Caity, and to Markiplier, you are ALL our Everyday Heroes. Go gamers!