30 Days of Pretty PJs

Take the challenge with Jenn!

September 9, 2019

Getting comfortable in your relationship is GREAT thing… you can be yourself completely…
(here comes the BUT)… BUT you can get too comfortable. When you’re too comfortable, your
partner starts to feel like you forgot about them.

While I was walking past a full-length mirror, wearing my most comfy PJS, I caught a glimpse of
myself – Eww! I stopped suddenly in my tracks when I realized I looked like a dump truck! You
know what outfit I am talking about… the old cotton baggie pj pants with the oversized old
cotton tee shirt. NOT CUTE. So, I started asking some questions in my head, “How did I get
here? Why don’t I wear the pretty pjs anymore? Why have I stopped trying to impress my

The answers were all lame excuses like, “I’m tired.” “I’m more comfy this way.” “I’m sure he
doesn’t mind because he loves me.” LAME, LAME LAME. The light bulb went off! What I
realized is that I need to put MORE effort into my marriage now even more than when we first
fell in love. Keeping romance alive is at the center of a healthy marriage. That responsibility falls
on BOTH partners. ME and YOU included!

Grant and I have been married now almost 9 years (November wedding anniversary!) and we
are closer than ever. We disagree, we bicker, we let it go, we love, we work, we raise kids and
we push the “us” time to the bottom of the long list of life’s priorities.
But I know that NONE of the rest of those things in our life will work well, if we are not
“working well together”… if you know what I mean. Wink.

So I’m aware I need to step up my game in the pajama department… MAJORLY STEP IT UP. And
if you’ve been with your partner for a while, I’m guessing you’re in the same spot. You don’t
think twice about what you’re wearing at night when you crawl in bed next to your human,
your love, your number one person. Ask yourself as I am, “Why not?”

My friend Curtis heard me talk about my moment of realization in my “comfy slash homeless
slash granny pjs” and he challenged me to wear pretty pjs for 30 days straight. No exceptions!
Join me! Start tonight. Toss out the old t-shirts and grab that cute stuff in the back of your
dresser. We gotta love the skin we are in and step it up for our partners. (I am a few days into
this and the spark is really fun to see!) Leave me a comment if you’re joining this challenge and
we can check in with each other on how it’s going. Or even… hold up your phone right now and
show this post to your partner… and see what conversation comes up!?

30 Days of Pretty PJS – let’s do this.
With love, Jenn Hobby