Your Kid's in Trouble...but You're Secretly Impressed

Jeff's friend had a kid who wanted to go to a friend's house and did it in a very creative way.

June 30, 2016
Kid in Trouble

Jeff's friend had a kid who wanted to go to a friend's house, and the way she got over to the friend's house was by ordering Chinese food delivered and paid the delivery driver $10 to give her a ride to her friend's place. Her mom had to ground her for getting a ride with a stranger, but she was amazed at how smart she was! Our listener Sarah said her son got in trouble for hacking the school's computer system, so she HAD to ground him. But she is just so impressed he has the ability to hack the school's whole system!

We had more people call in with stories about their ingenious kids and how amazed they were at their guile and talent...even if it did get them into trouble. Donna in Gainesville was impressed her son hacked their neighbors' computers and looked at their pictures. She was astounded he was able to hack them so young, but she had to ground him for invading their privacy. Ashley was impressed her brother was able to scan and then change his grades on his report card when he was in high school. He tricked his parents into thinking he graduated high school even though he never finished freshman year!