You Broke His Stuff BUT Are You Still Together?

Lindsay Lohan got mad at her fiance and threw his phone into the water, so we wanted to know what our listeners' broke of their boyfriend's!

July 21, 2016
Break Up

What’s the best way to prove your point? Relationships have drama and sometimes that makes it harder to prove your point. Breaking your significant other favorite item will get their attention for sure. Lindsay Lohan just threw her fiance's phone into the water after getting mad, and that started this conversation. LeeAnn called in saying she totally demolished her BF's deck after catching him cheating. Kelly in Duluth took a hammer to a bass guitar after her ex called to tell her he's engaged...two months after they broke up.

Nikki in Dallas burned all of her boyfriend's clothes in the front yard after she got angry, and SURPRISE! they aren't together anymore. But they do have a daughter together, so they're trying to co-parent. Our next caller Lori was devious! She was mad at her boyfriend so she took apart his PlayStation, sprayed hair spray in it, and put it back together for him to find out later!