Wrong Thing to Say at a Wedding

It was a trending topic on Facebook, so we asked what is that wrong thing that you said at a wedding...

June 23, 2016

UPDATE: The topic was so popular that we posed the question to our listeners again, what was the wrong thing that was said at your wedding. And some of the comments were unbelievable! Megan said her new father-in-law said she wasn't the thinnest his son has had, but she was the smartest. Miranda's family kept calling her wedding her "funeral". Jill was a bridesmaid in a wedding where the bride asked all of them who HASN'T slept with her new husband! And Jill was the only one to raise her hand! And Morgan told us the story of how a high school friend of her husband's came to their wedding and whispered in her ear, "I took his virginity in high school, and he cried after."

One of the trending topics on Facebook was #wrongthingtosayatawedding. If you can't completely make out that hashtag, it's Wrong Thing to Say at a Wedding (hence our headline). We pulled some of the best -- and by best, we mean most uncomfortable -- comments. And then our listeners called in with the wrong things they themselves have said at weddings!