Worthless Gifts...Um Thanks for Nothing

Donald Trump ended up giving a worthless gift to Charlie Sheen. Has something like that happened to you?

June 22, 2016
Bad Gift

Ever been given a worthless gift? Like the time Donald Trump gave Charlie Sheen an early wedding gift he called his, "platinum diamond Harry Winston cufflinks." Years later while getting his jewelry appraised, Sheen found out the cufflinks were a total fake! In fact, the appraiser said they were "cheap pewter & bad zirconias" at best. Safe to Charlie Sheen got Trumped.

Our listeners lit up the phone lines and there was no shortage of stories about worthless gift givers. One listener said her dads boss gave him a "Rolex" for being the best salesman and they found out it was a total fake. Best part of all, the boss owned up to it and said he never specified it was a 'real rolex.' We had another listener who told us a feel good story about something she thought would be worthless but wasn't! Plot twist!