Where is This Relationship Going - Is Misty into Scott?

Misty is about to move so she wants to know where her relationship is going with Scott. But is she really even into him?

July 21, 2016
Not that Into You

Misty and Scott have exclusively been dating for four months. Misty has been offered a new job opportunity in Greenville, which is only two hours from Atlanta. But, Misty isn’t too sure if she wants to continue with this relationship. She wants to test the waters to see how Scott feels about them. And we get it -- new city, new men -- but it seems like she's keeping Scott as her backup plan if the guys in Greenville aren’t that great.

Jeff and Jenn get Scott on the phone, and they find out that he has a completely different mindset than Misty. He thinks Misty could be the one, and he is considering relocating to Greenville just to be with her.

Scott's idea of their relationship should be great if Misty is really in love with him. But, Misty isn't the most excited when Jeff and Jenn get back on the phone with her. She has to resign herself to the fact that maybe she should stay with him, but it sounds like she just wants to be single.