Where is This Relationship Going: Mattie and Brett

Mattie is about to head off to college, and her boyfriend is going with her. But, he's not taking the steps to go anymore.

May 26, 2016
Couple Moving

Maddie is an 18-year-old graduate who is moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles for college. Her boyfriend of three years, Brett, said he would come as well. Maddie figured since her boyfriend works at a local sub shop relocating would benefit the both of them. Since then, he hasn’t made any plans to go on and move out there.  She just wants to know... Where is this relationship going??

Jeff and Jenn talked with Brett, and Brett said that he doesn't have the money to move out there right now and that if she finds a boyfriend while she's out there, so be it. So, he doesn't seem as invested in their relationship as Mattie is hoping he is. 

Mattie heard what Brett had to say, and she understands but doesn't like how much pause he took. Jenn says she doesn't like it when relationships hold people back, and thinks it may be best if Mattie and Brett go their separate ways.