Where is this Relationship Going: Kelly and Troy Together for a Month!

Kelly wants Jeff and Jenn's help in talking to her BF Troy, even though they've only been exclusive for a month.

June 23, 2016
Awkward Couple

Kelly met a guy named Troy at church. They’re exclusive for a month after knowing each other for three months. They both want to get married and have the same values and beliefs, so she wants to know if they are on the same timeline because she is 25 and wants to have two kids by 28. So after only one month, she wants to know if their relationship is headed toward marriage! Jeff and Jenn think it’s too soon, but she doesn’t think it’s too quick at all.

Part 2:
After only 30 days of being exclusive, Kelly wants to know where her relationship with Troy is going. Jeff and Jenn call Troy while Kelly is listening, and he thinks things are going well and it’s possible he could marry her. But, he’s definitely not ready for marriage after only being together for a month. Troy says it seems to be going in the right direction, he’s just amazed at the situation because he just started dating. He wants to have a bit more romance before discussions about marriage and kids happen.

Part 3:
Kelly was listening in to the whole conversation between Jeff, Jenn, and Troy where Troy said he is open to marriage but isn’t going to commit to marriage so quickly. They’ve only been dating exclusively for a month. Well, evidently that’s not good enough for Kelly. She says it doesn’t sound like a good fit and she’s disappointed, even though Troy said he really likes her and is open to marriage down the road. But, Kelly says it’s obvious they don’t have the same goals.

After that crazy saga, our listeners definitely had opinions on Kelly and her expectations. And they pretty much all agreed that she is BONKERS!