Where is This Relationship Going: Katie and Michael

Katie needs Jeff and Jenn's help because she's wondering when she'll move in with her boyfriend, Michael

June 30, 2016
Moving In

Part 1: Katie and Michael have been together for over a year and they’ve said “I love you” but a month ago, Michael was drunk and mentioned the idea of them living together. Well when Katie brings that conversation back up now (while they’re sober), he’ll change the subject or make a joke. And last time she brought it up, he got mad at her. Katie’s lease is up in less than a month, so she needs Jeff and Jenn’s help talking to Michael about whether or not their relationship is headed to them moving in together.

Part 2: Jeff and Jenn call Michael to talk to him about Katie wanting to move in with him, and they find out the real reason why he gets defensive when she brings up the subject. It turns out that the townhouse he lives in is owned by his ex-wife, and he pays such little in rent that he doesn’t want to move out. He likes the idea of Katie moving in with him and doesn’t have a problem with that, but he’s afraid of his ex-wife’s reaction if he had his new girlfriend move into the townhouse with him. Jenn suggest that Katie and Michael move to another place together, but Michael says that he would need 3 or 4 months to save up the money to do something like that.

Part 3: Katie listened in the entire time Jeff and Jenn were talking to Michael, and she has a couple of issues. She had NO idea that his ex-wife owned the house, she says Michael told her that he hasn’t seen her in years. She’s confused why he’s never discussed these issues with her, but he was so willing to open up on the radio.