Where is This Relationship Going: Julia and Keith

Julia is on a yearlong break with Keith but they may get back together. Not confusing at all, right?

August 4, 2016
Couple Mad

Julia called in hoping to get some advice about her on-a-break guy Keith. They were together for six years until January when they decided on a break that would last a whole year! Cold turkey and no-contact. If they missed each other by the end of the year, then they’d get engaged and by married by March. It looks like she can’t handle not knowing what he’s feeling though, so she wants us to find out if he misses her or not, and how far he’d go to get her back.

It seems like Keith feels totally comfortable with this year-long break, saying to stick with the plan. Their relationship before, he said, was great and they had a good time, and that he’d probably be open to dating again come January. But, he’s enjoying the break and wants to keep going along with it. Sorry Julia, it seems like he’s doing just fine without you so far!

Wait a second, why is Julia suddenly happy with Keith’s answer? She says his reaction was a huge relief. It turns out she’s been dating someone else since March, and they’re talking engagement rings already! So this new guy, who Julia swears is real, really wants a future with Julia and it seems like she just wanted to know which relationship to root for. This whole thing has Jeff really confused, but Jenn thinks Julia had a plan all along and knew exactly what she wanted. Did anyone else think this was a hard one to follow?