Where is This Relationship Going - Danielle and Nick

Danielle and Nick have been dating on and off for years, and they are off right now. But Danielle wonders if they can still go somewhere.

July 28, 2016
Girl Flirting

Danielle and Nick have been dating on and off ever since they went to high school together, but things sometimes just didn’t feel quite right to her so right now they’re “off” and instead she came to us! Danielle says Nick’s always been such a big part of her life but needed to know if he was able to take a committed future seriously enough for her to want to try again. Meanwhile she’s been talking to another man from work whenever she and Nick aren’t together, and it’s making her wonder if there may be better things. Is Nick holding her back?

So we caught up with Nick and it turns out he’s all for committing to Danielle and their future, but that they’ve never even seriously discussed their future together and Danielle has been the one to break it off each time. He always accepted whenever she ended it and they did their own thing, so what’s the reason for the most recent break? It seems like Nick doesn’t even know, saying Danielle was pretty vague and just wanted some space.

Well that took a turn! While listening to Nick, Danielle apparently realized that this just wasn’t how it should feel to communicate. She thought about how easy it felt to talk to her coworker and how great of a guy he’s been, and officially decided that Nick just was not her future.

Our listeners were mad at Danielle! They think she embarrassed Nick for bringing him on, and she ditched Nick the first second she had an opportunity to go with another guy. They all agree that Nick deserves better, and she needs to grow up!