Where is This Relationship Going? - Andi from the Bachelorette Helps Out!

Emily has been dating Adam for 10 years but no ring. So she wants our help with our special guest, Andi Dorfman!

June 2, 2016
Unhappy Couple

Emily and Adam have been together for ten years. They made a deal when they both turn 30, they would have the " marriage talk". The day has passed and they are both 30, but Adam freaks out everytime Emily brings up marriage. The Bachelorette herself, Andi Dorfman was right there to help Emily out.

Andi dived right in with questions for Adam. At first, Adam was reluctant to answer any questions but he lets his guard down and opened up to Andi. Adam wants to spend the rest of his life with Emily, he referred to her as his "queen". Adam's only concern is not having enough money to give Emily the wedding he feel she deserve.

It was so sweet when Adam said he didn't have enough right now to give Emily the wedding of her dreams, he totally won Andi and Jenn over. That was until we got Emily back on the phone and she was angry at his "lack of money" when he has plenty of money to spend on other things.