Where is This Relationship Going – Jackson and Julia

Jackson needs Jeff and Jenn's help because he has said "I Love You" but Julia hasn't.

July 7, 2016
Love Triangle

Usually it’s a woman asking about her relationship with her boyfriend, but this week the tables are turned. Jackson is calling in wondering what’s going on in his relationship with his girlfriend of 6 months, Julia. He has said “I love you”, but she will not say it back. He doesn’t understand why she isn’t at that point where she can say it back, but he also isn’t totally sure Julia thinks they’re in an exclusive relationship.

Part 2: Jeff and Jenn get Julia on the phone, and right off the bat Jenn asks if Jackson is her boyfriend. That’s when the red flags go up because Julia says their dating, but she doesn’t use the word “boyfriend”. When Jenn says Jackson is wondering if she wants to be exclusive, Julia says they aren’t in an exclusive relationship and she’s dating other people. And she doesn’t want that to change. Julia also says she thought them seeing other people was implied because she’s not looking for anything super serious since she’s already been through a divorce. But, she’s definitely not at that point yet where she can say she’s in love with him.

Part 3: Jackson was listening as Julia was giving her view of their relationship, and he said that was pretty difficult to hear. He’s ready for an exclusive relationship, and Julia isn’t there right now. So, Jackson says he should probably just drop her because it’s evident she has relationship problems. He likes her, but there is definitely some anger and frustration in the relationship because he was under the impression that they were only seeing each other. He feels a little deceived because even though they never had that conversation, she wasn’t upfront with it. So, he feels like she’s been keeping him on a leash of sorts.