When Your Friend Tries to Sell You Something

You always want to support a friend's new business venture, but not to the point where they pester you ever hour!

August 2, 2016
Selling to Your Friend

Kelly’s job representing Rodan and Fields products are tearing this friendship apart! Emily has been trying to handle her friend Kelly’s non-stop attempts to market the company’s products, but Kelly does not seem to get the hint whatsoever and Emily is just about fed up with the friendship. Kelly has been selling for months now, and has even started posting specific messages on their mutual friends’ public Facebook walls about what products they need to buy. Emily thinks Kelly is being rude to their friends, but even more so she’s just sick of hearing about it every single time they talk. Let’s hope our callers have some good advice.

This situation has really hit a chord with a few of our callers! A majority seemed to think that Kelly was going a bit too far and inching towards harassment, but one very passionate caller (another Kelly) defended Kelly to the end saying this was about supporting a friend in their time of need. Who do you agree with, does she make a good point?