What Would You Do with your Lottery Winnings?

The Powerball Jackpot is HUGE right now, and we already decided how to spend the money when we win.

July 29, 2016
Lottery Winnings

What would you do if you won 478 MILLION dollars, or we should say WHEN you win? Jenn's plan is simple. Her plan is to buy a bigger house for the family, take a fun vacation to Greece, & take care of their family members. Logical, simple, & to the point. We asked the question today and our listeners called in with some great ideas. Our callers had some nice ideas for the money, but the funniest was by far the woman who called in and said she and her husband would leave in the middle of the night. Then, they'd hire people to come paint their house bright purple and pink, set up a chain link fence, and give a up yours to the snooty Home Owners Association in their neighborhood!

It was Jeff's turn to say what he'd do with the money, and his idea was not so simple. In fact it's kind of intense. It's so intense that you have to listen below to believe it. But, he did say that he'd keep working and do whatever he wanted on air. So we may not even ever know if he won or not! Jeff clearly hasn't thought of this much. At all. 

There was just a small hitch to Jeff's plan. Jacquelyn in Kennesaw called in to point out one BIG hole in Jeff's plan, and it has completely dashed his hopes of winning. Thankfully, she called in now to let him know his mistake before it's too late!