What Can't You Touch?

We started a topic that turned into something even better than we hoped. It lead to this treasure of what can't you touch.

August 22, 2016
Cotton Balls

UPDATE: The calls just kept coming in, people really resonated with not being able to touch cotton balls. We had no idea it affected so many people! There were even things like fleece blankets, snow, and rubber bands! 

Cotton balls freak you out? You’re not alone. What about touching Popsicle sticks? Or frogs? The calls on what you’re too freaked out to touch came pouring in today, and it’s absolutely fascinating to hear the replies. Maybe we’re not all so weird after all! Or at least we can feel better knowing there are others out there who are just as strange. 

We got even more calls, and each caller was as good or better than the last! The stories were so crazy of people not being able to touch things like toothpaste and velvet. Several of the callers actually ratted out their husbands because their men can't touch paper towels and glass cups!