Vote Here: Lifetime Movies Turned Radio Segments

We need your help: Decide whose idea will win!

January 16, 2019

What if we turned Lifetime movie titles into radio segments?

We just can't decide which one! 

All four members of the show brought one in, but we need you guys help on this one...


Jenn's "Mermaid Chair" Idea: Members of the show are blindfolded, guessing foods, and answering questions while sitting on the chair. If you guess incorrectly you fall victim to the mermaid chair… which is a dunk tank!

Jeff's "Honeymoon with Mom" Idea: A couple participates and one of the two tries to convince the other they should take their mother with them on their honeymoon. They only have a certain amount of time to convince them and if they agree to it, they win a prize!

Kelly's "The Husband She Met Online" Idea: We find the best Tinder bios and have to pick one to 'love', 'marry', and 'kill', but can't see the profile pic until after the final decisions are made. Intern Amanda has to go on dates with the winners!

Jeannine's "Expecting Amish" Idea: Intern Amanda has to find a date on tinder, and go on a date following all Amish rules. Complete with homemade dress, no electricity, and a bonnett for style, obviously.