Todd's Wife Wants Him to Do What?! He Gets Advice from Kim Zolciak!

Todd's wife is about to give birth and she wants them both to eat her placenta.

June 15, 2016
Pregnant Woman

UPDATE: Todd's getting advice on what to expect from our own Kim Zolciak! When Kim gave birth to her twin boys she made her hubby, Kroy Biermann, try her placenta. Say what?! Kroy even jumped on to tell us what he thought it would be like, what it was actually like, and why he did it. Care to know what placenta tastes like and why in the world women and men eat it after having a baby? Kim & Kroy give us all the deets!

Todd's wife is about to have a baby. He called in wanting help because she wants them both to eat her placenta after she gives birth. And he has no idea what it will taste like.

So, he needs our listeners to call in and give their own accounts of how it can be eaten and what it tastes like.