Stakeout: Priscilla is Spying for Her Bestie

While her best friend is out of town, Priscilla is keeping an eye out on her BF's fiancé...

May 9, 2016

Priscilla’s bestie is out of town for the week and she’s taken it upon herself to watch her friend’s fiancé for the next few days…& by watch we mean stakeout and make sure he’s not up to no good. Check out why Priscilla says her friends fiancé makes her stomach turn & why she feels like she needs to keep an eye on him.

UPDATE: Uh oh, Priscilla saw the fiancé out until 2AM. Now she definitely thinks he’s up to something. Is she right? The bride-to-be comes back in town tonight. Should Priscilla tell her what she's been up to and what she thinks is going on?

Priscilla is still going at it, even after she was told it's illegal. She spied on him again last night and he came home late from his Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Priscilla is still spying on her best friend's fiancé, but Laura called in and said all of this may be highly illegal.


Priscilla tells us why she feels the need to form this stakeout and keep an eye on her best friend's fiancé.