Spousal Performance Review

A guy on Reddit posted a Spousal Performance Review he did with his wife, and Jeff thinks it's brilliant!

July 18, 2016
Spouse Performance Review

UPDATE: Jenn got her Spousal Performance results & Jeff read them out to her this morning. Jenn learned how much Grant appreciates what she does for their FFO's (fun family outings!) and told her to stop worrying about his toenails. Ha! Too cute!

Hear Jenn's full review right here:



Jeff got his spouse review back from Callie & Jenn read the results to him on Friday morning. Apparently Callie thinks Jeff is pretty awesome. Hmm, weird. It's like they're in love & getting married or something?! Lol! Seriously though, how sweet is this review??

Jeff's Spousal Performance Review
Kelly Cheese

Tune in Monday morning to hear Grant's review of Jenn!

Jeff saw this online and thought it would be a good thing to do on the air. A guy posted on Reddit a performance review for your spouse or partner, sort of like if you were given a performance review by your bosses at work. Jeff gave two copies so Jenn could do it with her husband, Grant. But, Jeff thought it would be a good idea to do this with Jenn for their jobs here! They rated each other on honesty, productivity, quality of work, technical skills, entertainment choices, work consistency, enthusiasm, cooperation, attitude, overall quality spousal relationship, creativity, punctuality, meals, dependability, communication skills, and other. If you want to participate in the performance review with your significant other, click the Spousal Performance Review link below!

Spousal Performance Review