Smilegrams for Sasha

Sasha is fighting for her life, and you can help her through it. Smilegrams are completely free, and they only take a minute!

March 1, 2018

FRAMILY we need your help!

Meet Sasha. She's a junior in high school but she's at CHOA - Egleston this week for her LAST TREATMENT for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Let's FILL her last week with SMILEGRAMS from the Good Vibe Tribe!

Sasha's mom says Sasha wants to be an ER Physician at a children's hospital. She loves music (Migos is her FAV!), loves to hang out with her friends & older sister, pizza is her favorite food, she's strong willed & determined! We're betting she's going to make a GREAT ER Physicians for kids one day. Let's make her last week the best last week EVER!

All you need to fill out is her first name Sasha & she's at Egleston. CHOA will know what to do from there.

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 Thanks, FRAMILY! ❤️​