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February 1, 2018

Check out our newest Smilegrams ROCKSTAR, Lena! Lena is 4 years old, she turns 5 on February 11th, & she’s on her journey to beat rhabdomyosarcoma. This awesome girl loves to dance, loves music (the band Fun. is her favorite), likes to bake & make cakes, loves watching cooking shows, & loves animals – especially kittens! Spaghetti & meatballs is her favorite food, YUM! & you can tell by her pictures she’s got a unique fashion sense. Mom describes Lena as “Hipster Punky Brewster,” & told us she loves to accessorize & she’s veryyy particular about her outfit choices. Lena’s very best friend & biggest supporter is her 6 year old brother. How cool is that?

Let’s make her day shine a little brighter & let’s help make her upcoming birthday a little BIGGER! Send Lena a Smilegram by clicking HERE ...All you need is her first name: Lena & the campus she’s at: Egleston. Let’s show Lena what the Good Vibe Tribe is all about!