SmileGram: Sara

Make a child's day and put a smile on their face!

July 2, 2018

Framily, it’s time to fill Sara’s room with SMILEGRAMS! She's a 10 year old ROCKSTAR (turning 11 THIS MONTH!), and she’s on her journey to beat AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) at Egleston. Sara LOVES art and drawing and playing on her iPad. She loves jamming out to pop music and her favorite food is anything with noodles or rice. Her older twin sisters and her mom say Sara is the funny one in the family. Something cool to know, they’re all Jeff & Jenn Show FRAMILY members. Let’s show Sara what our framily is all about! We want to fill her room with Smilegrams. You can wish her a happy birthday, tell her a joke to make her laugh, give her words of encouragement on her journey to beat AML, whatever you want to say to put a smile on her face you can do it. It takes 2 seconds, just click this link to get started! All you need is her name Sara and her location Egleston. Our framily at CHOA will know what to do from there.