Should You Change in Front of Your GBF?

Kim changed in front of her gay best friend Eric, and her husband isn't too happy about it.

May 25, 2016
Gay Best Friend

Kim called Jeff & Jenn to ask for advice about her new gay friend, Eric, she met in a cooking class. Kim said they hit it off right away and he even dolled her up for a date with her husband. Her hubby was oooohing and ahhhing over how stunning she looked, until Kim told him her new gay besty, Eric, helped her get ready & was in the room as she changed outfits. Kim says it's like having her own personal "What Not To Wear" stylist but her husband still sees it as his wife changing in front of another man & he's not happy about it. Is Kim changing in front of another man, even if he's gay, really that big of a deal? 

Our listeners called to weigh in, and most of them said they didn't see a problem with Kim changing in front of Eric at all.