Send Tyler A Smilegram!

UPDATE: We learned that Tyler's condition has worsened, and we want to give him all the support we can.

December 7, 2017

UPDATE: We got the news that Tyler's condition has worsened, and if he is allowed out of the hospital then it would only be to go to hospice. We want to give Tyler all the love and support we can so we're bringing back Smilegrams for him. If you have just a few minutes to send Tyler a smilegram, it would mean the world. You can hear more about his condition here, and you'll find the link to send a smilegram below, as well as on the Jeff & Jenn Show Facebook page. Thank you for all your support. 

We need YOUR help! Our friend Tyler is a teenager battle brain cancer at Children's Scottish Rite. Could you imagine being a TEEN and battling brain cancer? Ugh, our hearts hurt for Tyler. He needs all the positivity, prayers, & good vibes he can get & we know YOU can help us make that happen! Tyler loves to read & write, he even writes music! He loves all kinds of music including elevator music (LOL). His favorite foods? GUMBO. Yum! Tyler said he likes to make other people happy and now it's our turn to return the favor. This young man is a fighter, let's give him some extra motivation to beat cancer! Click HERE to send a smilegram. All you need is to fill out is YOUR first/last name & the only info you need for Tyler is his first name & the location Scottish Rite. LET'S DO THIS YALL!