Send Ellie a SmileGram!

Ellie needs all the good vibes!

August 31, 2018

Framily, our girl Ellie needs you and all the good vibes you can send her way!! She's 8 years old and on her journey to beat ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) at Scottish Rite. Ellie's a third grader and LOVES science. She also loves to play outside and hang out with her bestie Caleb. Mom says Ellie's awesome at soccer, too! She loves Christian music (especially Laren Daigle) and when we asked her what her favorite foods are she said, "Banana Peppers!" Ellie's also one of four kids, so you already she's tough. Let's give her that extra strength she needs on her journey and overflow her hospital room with SmileGrams!

It's easy. Click All you need is her first name, Ellie, and her location, Scottish Rite. Don't forget to put YOUR First/Last name in there, too! Let's do this!