Selfie on a First Date

Jeff's friend was on a first date and wanted a to take a selfie, but the guy turned her down.

July 27, 2016
Selfie on a Date

Jeff’s friend went out on a first date last night & found out she has mutual friends with the guy. Cool, right? Maybe even picture worthy? Maybe not so much… She asked to take a selfie and her date wasn’t into it. In fact, he was so set on not taking a selfie with her it made the rest of the date completely awkward. They almost had a mini argument over it. Yikes! In his defense, she never said she was taking the picture to share with their mutual friend and maybe he’s just not into taking selfies like that.

Our listeners had mixed reactions. Some of them sided with Jeff and thought he should've taken the picture. But like one of our listeners said, “Maybe he doesn’t want to date a Kardashian.” True….but maybe he’s got a girlfriend or a secret he’s hiding?! ​