Scott Trask Reviews the Bachelorette - Hometown Dates

Our engineer, Scott, talks about the guys going on their hometown dates and

July 19, 2016
Scott Bachelorette

Our engineer, Scott Trask, reviews this week's episode where the guys take JoJo back to their hometowns and it's not without drama. Jordan takes JoJo back, and talks turn to how he is estranged from his famous brother, Aaron. Jordan doesn't want to talk about it too much, so JoJo talks to his other brother, Luke. She gets a little more out of them being estranged and that it was a big deal for Jordan to talk to her about it. But, we still don't get the full story. She also goes home with Luke, and they have a great time. But, he never told her he loved her...UNTIL right before the rose ceremony. And that's where the show left us hanging.