Scott Trask Reviews The Bachelorette - Chad is a Dangerous Psychopath!

Our engineer, Scott Trask, has never watched Reality TV. So, we talked him into reviewing The Bachelorette! Plus, Scott has a fan!

June 8, 2016
Scott Trask Bachelorette

Justina Pierce

Scott reviewed this week's episode of The Bachelorette, and he is not happy with some of the guys. Chad has definitely turned out to be the villain, but Scott is now scared for JoJo. Chad is starting to be more aggressive with the guys, and he says JoJo could be in trouble if she doesn't see his behavior or realize what he's doing. It's a double dose of the Bachelorette this week. In the newest episode on Tuesday night, Chad actually threatened to hunt one of the guys down after the show is over. That was the last straw for JoJo and she FINALLY sent him packing!

On Monday's episode, Evan made fun of Chad and his "roid rage", so Chad came after him even harder. 

And it turns out that Scott has an admirer! We received an email from a woman who liked how Scott sounded over the radio, and liked how he looked even more over Facebook Live! Sadly ladies, Scott has been married for 30 years! But that didn't make the reading of the email to him any less fun. ;)